The Caravan is India’s first long-form narrative journalism magazine. It was relaunched in 2010 as a journal of politics and culture dedicated to meticulous reporting and the art of narrative. Since then, The Caravan has established itself as one of the country’s most respected and intellectually agile magazines, and set new benchmarks for Indian journalism.

Our stories are based on months of reporting and research, and are crafted into dramatic narratives that employ pace, colour, character and literary style. They bring the excitement and readability of great fiction to stories with real characters, real plots and real consequences. We work with some of the finest reporters and writers in South Asia, and beyond, to tackle complex subjects at a depth which transcends that of the daily news. In the Lede and Perspective sections, we showcase unique pieces of short reportage and incisive essays of commentary and analysis. These pave the way for the in-depth, long-form stories in the Reportage and Essays section, as well as the insightful literary criticism of our Books pieces. To present more of our journalism on the internet, in April 2014 we launched Vantage, a section of online exclusives, which continues to expand our influence on Indian political and intellectual debate.

The Caravan’s stories have received nominations and awards innumerous categories at India’s most prestigious journalism awards, and our social media feeds see greater traffic and engagement than those of any other English-language magazine in the country. The Caravan fills a niche in the Indian media market that has remained vacant for far too long: one for the intellectually curious and aesthetically refined reader, who demands style and substance, and seeks reportage that is rich, nuanced, and fiercely independent.