How Amul’s hard-working admen turn headlines into hoardings
August 1, 2012
ALL DAY LONG, Rahul daCunha has been fretting over Oscar Pistorius and the Higgs Boson. He was fretting over them at home in the morning; he fretted over them on the way to his office, in a Colaba bylane near the Taj Mahal hotel; he is fretting over them now, in his compact cabin at daCunha Communications, with its The Subject Was Roses poster and its iPad hooked up to a keyboard and mid-afternoon light filtering through the window blinds in a shade that can only be called butter yellow.
How Samir Jain created the modern Indian newspaper industry
December 1, 2012
May 1, 2010
Journalist Samanth Subramanian never really liked fish—but when he decides to travel India’s diverse coast, he finds he must actually partake of these slippery beasts. Whether exploring a Catholic fishing community in Tamil Nadu, the ancient art of boat building in Gujarat or the hunt for the world’s fastest fish near Goa—even as he feasts on hilsa, mackerel and Bombay duck—he finds that fish lie at the heart of many different worlds. What results is a fluid, almost quixotic journey down the Indian fish trail.