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1 May 2017

MOHAMMAD REZA PAHLAVI, then the shah of Iran, holidays at a luxury ski resort with his wife and three children in February 1969. Almost exactly a decade later, political revolution forced them to leave Iran, and the monarchy was formally abolished.

Mohammad Reza ruled for 38 years, from 1941 to 1979. Educated in Switzerland, and trained as a professional pilot, Mohammad Reza intended to consolidate his rule by implementing policies that would “westernise” Iran and shift power to the disenfranchised—in particular, to the peasantry and the working class. These policies were collectively termed the White Revolution.

The White Revolution’s reforms, combined with Mohammad Reza’s secular ideology, brought him into direct conflict with Iran’s landed elites and Shia clergy. Following a year of demonstrations and strikes by students and religious groups led by the then-exiled religious leader Ruhollah Khomeini, the shah was forced to leave the country with his family, and the monarchy was replaced with an Islamic republic. This brought an end to more than 2,500 years of continuous monarchy in the region.

Following his exile, Iran’s Central Revolutionary Court declared on 13 May 1979 that Mohammad Reza, his supporters and his family had been sentenced to death. He never returned to Iran, and died in exile in Egypt, where he was granted asylum by the then president Anwar El-Sadat.



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Whatever,reasons may be.Iran under Shah was a very prosperous and happy country.At that time food was very cheap.Cheaper than in India.Currency was very strong.7 Tumans=1 USdollar.Law and order was in tact.Plenty of jobs.I really had a good time during my stay there in 1976-77.

His rule was very successful and the country was flourshing in every way.Almost every body was satisfied and it was very cheap to live in Iran.Iranian currency Tumans was very strong and 7tuman to 1 US dollars.People from foeign countries were welcome to do the job.I can not understand why the mix of religion started this revolution suddenly,and destryed Iran with in no time.Now Currency value is almost over 3000 Tumans to a dollar.Imagine what kind of degradation took place by adding fanaticism in the politics.Now a days same thing is happening in India and its very bad for the country and its people.

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