Death of Judge Loya: Possible manipulation of records and inconsistent new testimonies raise further questions

By Atul Dev and Anosh Malekar | 21 December 2017
Family members of the judge Brijgopal Harkishan Loya—who presided over the trial in the Sohrabuddin Sheikh case, where the main person accused was the Bharatiya Janata Party president Amit Shah—have raised numerous questions over his sudden death, purportedly of a heart attack, while on a visit to Nagpur in 2014. Since The Caravan first published these questions last month, our investigations have uncovered signs of possible manipulation in every record made public so far with information on the circumstances of Loya’s final night. These include the occupancy register at the government guest house where he stayed, and an ECG chart purportedly generated at Dande Hospital, the first medical facility he was reportedly taken to after feeling unwell.

Aung San Suu Kyi’s Historical Bias Against Rohingya Muslims

By Azeem Ibrahim | 11 December 2017
The Rohingya Muslims, a community that lives in the western Rakhine province of Buddhist-majority Myanmar, are among the most persecuted minorities in the world. After a spate of targeted violence against the community by Myanmar’s army that began in August this year, over 600,000 Rohingyas fled into neighbouring Bangladesh. In his 2016 book, The Rohingyas: Inside Myanmar’s Hidden Genocide, the author Azeem Ibrahim traced the history of the Rohingya people to demonstrate how their persecution has been unfolding over decades, going back as early as 1948.

Why the BCCI’s Committee of Administrators Should Encourage Independent Ethics Investigations In Its Draft Constitution

By Aju John | 9 December 2017
The news about cricket administration in India appears similar to that of a family-run business being dragged, kicking and screaming, towards professional management. In 2013, the Supreme Court initiated a process of reform in Indian cricket administration, following a scandal involving spot-fixing and conflicts of interest in the management of the Indian Premier League. At the time, the governing bodies for the sport in India, such as the Cricket Association of Bihar, had almost unanimously expressed their support for the reforms. But since then, cricket administration in India has remained complex.

(Video) Former Judges of the Higher Judiciary PB Sawant and BG Kolse-Patil Demand an Independent Inquiry into the Death of Judge Loya

By The Caravan | 3 December 2017
Two retired judges of the higher judiciary—former Supreme Court justice PB Sawant, and former Bombay High Court justice BG Kolse-Patil—have joined a growing chorus of support for an investigation into the death of the judge BH Loya. In separate interviews with The Caravan, the two judges have demanded an independent inquiry into the suspicions raised by Loya’s family. “This matter needs a thorough investigation,” Sawant told The Caravan. “Otherwise, the truth will not come out,” he said.

मौत से पहले जज लोया ने लॉ कॉलेज के अपने बैचमेट से कहा था: ”मैं इस्‍तीफ़ा देना चाहता हूं; गांव जाकर खेती कर लूंगा लेकिन एक गलत फैसला नहीं दूंगा”

By Aathira Konikkara | 2 December 2017
बीते 27 नवंबर को लातूर बार असोसिएशन के सदस्‍यों ने लातूर की जिला अदालत से जिला कलेक्‍टर के कार्यालय तक एक मार्च निकाला और जज लोया की मौत की जांच कराने संबंधी एक ज्ञापन सौंपा। द कारवां को दिए एक इंटरव्‍यू में मरहूम जज के बैचमेट, वरिष्‍ठ अधिवक्‍ता और बार असोसिएशन के पूर्व अध्‍यक्ष उदय गवारे  ने याद करते हुए बताया कि सोहराबुद्दीन केस की सुनवाई के दौरान लोया ने उनके समक्ष ''दबाव में होने'' की बात स्‍वीकारी थी। गवारे कहते हैं कि उस दौर में ''मैंने पहली बार देखा कि बृजमोहनजी इतने ज्‍यादा तनाव में थे वरना वे आम तौर से खुशमिजाज़ रहते थे।''

अनुज लोया ने मोहित शाह का नाम लेने वाले उस पत्र की प्रति मुझे दिखाई थी जिसमें लिखा था, ”अगर कभी कुछ हो गया तो…”: द कारवां को एक करीबी दोस्‍त का संदेश

By The Caravan | 2 December 2017
बीते 29 नवंबर को द कारवां को एक ईमेल मिला। भेजने वाले ने खुद को मरहूम जज बीएच लोया के बेटे अनुज लोया का दोस्‍त बताया था। उसने लिखा है कि 30 नवंबर को उसकी अनुज से बातचीत हुई थी। अनुज ने उन्‍हें फरवरी 2015 को लिखे अपने उस पत्र की प्रति दिखाई थी जो जज लोया की बहन के पास उन्‍होंने छोड़ रखी थी। जज की मौत से जुड़ी संदिग्‍ध परिस्थितियों पर अपनी स्‍टोरी में द कारवां ने यही पत्र प्रकाशित किया था। पत्र में लिखा था, ''यदि मुझे या मेरे परिवार के सदस्‍यों के साथ कुछ भी होता है, तो षडयंत्र में लिप्‍त मुख्‍य न्‍यायाधीश मोहित शाह और अन्‍य उसके लिए जिम्‍मेदार होंगे।'' जिस दोस्‍त ने द कारवां से संपर्क किया था, उसे चिंता थी कि अनुज अब दबाव में है। उसने बताया कि अनुज ने उससे कहा था कि ''अगर उसके परिवार को कोई भी नुकसान होता है'' तो ''मीडिया या ऐसे किसी शख्‍स को जो कुछ कर पाने में सक्षम हो,'' इस पत्र के बारे में उसे खबर कर देनी चाहिए।

“I Want to Resign; I Will Come to The Village and Take Up Farming, But I Will Not Give a Wrong Judgment”: Judge Loya Told His Law College Batchmate A Month Before His Death

By aathira konikkara | 1 December 2017
On 27 November, members of the Latur Bar Association marched from the Latur district court to the office of the district collector, to submit a memorandum seeking a probe into the death of the judge BH Loya. In an interview to The Caravan, Uday Gaware, a batchmate of the late judge, and a senior lawyer and former president of the bar association, recalled that Loya had confided in him about being “under pressure” while presiding over the Sohrabuddin case. During that period, Gaware added, “the otherwise jovial Brijmohanji Loya ... for the first time I saw that he was in a lot of tension.”

Anuj Loya Had Shown Me a Copy Of the Letter Referring to Mohit Shah “In Case Something Ever Happened”: Close Friend Writes to The Caravan

By The Caravan | 1 December 2017
On 29 November, an email appeared in The Caravan’s inbox from a sender identifying himself as a friend of Anuj Loya, the son of the late judge BH Loya. In a conversation on 30 November, he informed us that Anuj had shown him a copy of a letter dated February 2015, which Anuj had also left with Judge Loya’s sister. The Caravan had obtained and published the letter in an earlier story regarding the circumstances surrounding the judge’s death. The letter had stated, “If anything happens to me or my family members, chief justice, Mohit Shah and others involved in the conspiracy will be responsible.” Worried that Anuj was under pressure now, the friend who reached out to The Caravan said that Anuj had told him “that if any harm came to his family,” he was to tell the “media or someone who could do something about it” about the letter.

The Death of Judge Loya Should be Raised “In Parliament, Outside Parliament”: BJP Leader Shatrughan Sinha

By aathira konikkara | 26 November 2017
The Bharatiya Janata Party leader and Lok Sabha member of parliament Shatrughan Sinha told The Caravan that the suspicious circumstances surrounding the death of the judge BH Loya “should be raised in Parliament, outside Parliament.” Sinha spoke to The Caravan on 24 November, four days after it published of a series of investigative reports by Niranjan Takle that raised significant questions about the judge’s death. Sinha noted that “the matter appears to be very serious” and that it should be addressed “anywhere and everywhere.” “We are not a banana republic,” he added.

An Investigation Into Judge Loya’s Death Will Assure Subordinate Court Judges That “They Are Not Orphans”: Retired High Court Justice BH Marlapalle

By The Caravan | 25 November 2017
BH Marlapalle, a retired judge of the Bombay High Court, has written to Manjula Chellur, the chief justice of the high court, urging an “investigation by an SIT” into the suspicious circumstances surrounding the death of the judge BH Loya. Marlapalle’s letter is dated 21 November—the day after The Caravan published a series of investigative reports on significant discrepancies between the reported account of Loya’s death, and the accounts of his family.
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