(Video) The Testimonies of the Late Judge BH Loya’s Family, Which Raise Disturbing Questions Regarding His Death

By The Caravan | 21 November 2017

In June 2014, Brijgopal Harkishan Loya was appointed the judge in the special CBI court in Mumbai. The court was hearing the Sohrabuddin case, in which the Bharatiya Janata Party president Amit Shah was the prime accused. Loya died on the intervening night between 30 November and 1 December 2014. The media reported that the judge died of a heart attack.

Loya’s family did not speak to the media after his death. In November 2016, Loya’s niece, Nupur Balaprasad Biyani, approached the journalist Niranjan Takle. Over several meetings between November 2016 and November 2017, Takle spoke to her mother, Anuradha Biyani, who is Loya’s sister and a medical doctor in government service; another of Loya’s sisters, Sarita Mandhane; and Loya’s father, Harkishan. From these accounts, deeply disturbing questions emerged about Loya’s death: questions about inconsistencies in the reported account of the death; about the procedures followed after the judge died; and about the condition of his body when it was handed over to the family.

The family also described the pressures and inducements Loya faced while presiding over the Sohrabuddin trial. According to Biyani, Loya confided in her that Mohit Shah, then the chief justice of the Bombay High Court offered Loya “a bribe of 100 crore in return for a favourable judgement.” Though Loya’s family asked for an inquiry commission to probe his death, none was ever set up.

Read Takle’s report on the disturbing circumstances surrounding Loya’s death here.

Read Takle’s report on the pressures Loya faced while presiding over the Sohrabuddin trial here.


15 thoughts on “(Video) The Testimonies of the Late Judge BH Loya’s Family, Which Raise Disturbing Questions Regarding His Death”

It’s one of the big death mistry in indian histry which is directly related to that institue on which people of country has atrust. If nothing is going to happen in this matter realy it will be same on our system.

Now days indian democracy ample of captured by hindusim terrorist so called RSS.
In every section of democracy piller judiciary, beurocrasy, legislature
Or media
BJP and his parental fudism power control all democratic instituion. This is alarming call for our country. If this openly democracy rapture not prevent one day this country will be divided. BJP hindusim destroy India harmony.
Actually a force of brahmnism want power in our hand for every time .
The next threat of this country is brahmnism terriorism.
Everyone know how to BJP it cell involving in terrorism activities in Madhya Pradesh

It is indeed surprising that after the publication of this report, the SC has not taken suo-motu cognizance of the manner in which one of their brother judges died.

It is also surprising that the national media has been very silent. They should have gone hammer and tongs on this body of evidence and asked for an enquiry at the very minimum. If these institutions fail the common man, then an uprising is around the corner.

As to what the catalyst for that would be, remains to be seen.

Full marks to the journalist and to you for breaking this politically significant quake.

There is story at all.. A false propaganda/story made out of an unfortunate normal death of a Judge.
Shame on Caravan the stooge of someone

The skeleton of Sorabudden encounter rattles from Amit Shah’s cupboard, courtesy Caravan. The shocking revelation of the family members’ about the alleged bribery to let Amit Shah off from the charges have given a new twist to the encounter case. .The history of the case was replete with twists and turns. It took 5 years for SC to intervene and on the indictment, CBI was asked to probe. The case against Amit Shah, the then influential home minister of Gujarat in Modi’s cabinet was transferred to Maharashtra to ensure safety for CBI officials who were facing threats in Gujarat. SC’s order that the trial be conducted by a single judge was not implemented. . Utpal, the first judge who was critical of Amit Shah for dodging appearance for one year was abruptly transferred. Loya, the next judge, also insisted on Shah’s appearance. He died mysteriously in Nagpur. Within a month from the death, , the newly sworn judge Kosavi had releived Amitshah of all the charges from encounter case. One hopes that judiciary does not turn a Nelson’s eye to the grey areas those come to fore now. .

The work of magazines and news papers are not to give verdict. They should put fourth the fact. But Caravan, scroll etc always come with specific agenda. Thease Magazine( and RSS too) are curse to people. These were never do anything good in name of huminity. They have only there own business benefits.

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