Being Salman

By ANNA MM VETTICAD | 1 November 2017

The dangerous innocence of Bollywood’s most controversial superstar

The Second Coming

By LEENA GITA REGHUNATH | 1 November 2017

How Malayalam cinema’s only female superstar got back to work

Counting Crores

By Suprateek Chatterjee | 1 November 2017

Why Indian films’ box-office figures do not add up

Hammer and Fickle

By SHUBHANGA PANDEY | 1 November 2017

Nepali politics sees a major reconfiguration in time for a watershed election

Man of Steel

By BARADWAJ RANGAN | 1 December 2013

How suffering turned a college lad into a Tamil superstar

Opening a Channel

By KARANJEET KAUR | 1 November 2014

Zee Zindagi’s line-up of Pakistani teleplays signals a changing Indian viewership

By Laia Abril | 1 November 2017

The Streets of Desire

By KANUPRIYA DHINGRA | 1 November 2017

Old Delhi’s subversive love-letter manuals

Coming to America

By Namit Arora | 1 October 2017

The making of the South Asian diaspora in the United States

People’s Choice

By aathira konikkara | 1 November 2017

Attendance and absence at the Tibetan Music Awards

Morocco | The Sceptre and the Pen

By ANDRÉ NAFFIS-SAHELY | 1 December 2014

A novelist writes on the country’s present trials

From Shadows to the Stars

By PRAVEEN DONTHI | 1 May 2016

The defiant politics of Rohith Vemula and the Ambedkar Students Association


By KRISHN KAUSHIK | 1 July 2014

Who is undermining India’s national oil company?

The Last Lear

By VINOD K JOSE | 1 April 2011

Can the aging patriarch of India’s most fractious political dynasty hold his family together—and continue to cling to power in Tamil Nadu?