On a Wing and a Prayer

By Sagar | 1 September 2018

India gambles its defence interests on Reliance Group

False Idols

By MEERA NANDA | 1 September 2018

The trouble with temple deities acting as landlords

Match Fixing

By CHRISTOPHE JAFFRELOT | 1 September 2018

Why the Pakistan military is the invisible hand behind Imran Khan's victory

The Great Purge

By PRAVEEN DONTHI | 1 September 2018

How the BJP is exploiting the NRC for the 2019 election

Man of Steel

By BARADWAJ RANGAN | 1 December 2013

How suffering turned a college lad into a Tamil superstar

Opening a Channel

By KARANJEET KAUR | 1 November 2014

Zee Zindagi’s line-up of Pakistani teleplays signals a changing Indian viewership

By Ksenia Kuleshova | 1 September 2018

Man of Letters


The unlikely correspondence between Srinivas Rayaprol and William Carlos Williams

The Sorrow of War

By ROHIT INANI | 1 September 2018

The long silence of Bao Ninh

Culture Vulture

By blake smith and kristina nikolovska | 1 September 2018

Communist Bulgaria's interest in Indian art

Morocco | The Sceptre and the Pen

1 December 2014

A novelist writes on the country’s present trials