The Mission

By Neha Dixit | 1 February 2017

Inside Mayawati’s battle for Uttar Pradesh

Out of Thin Air

By PADMAPARNA GHOSH | 1 February 2017

West Bengal’s unlikely love for mountaineering

Paradise Lost

By Ajachi Chakrabarti | 1 February 2017

Who will clean up the mess in Goa?

Embattled Lines

By AMITAVA KUMAR | 1 February 2017

A few journalists in Chhattisgarh persevere in the face of extraordinary pressure

The Djinn Of Aiman

By Ali Sethi | 1 April 2014

Farida Khanum returns to sing in Calcutta

The God Of Small Verse

By GAUTAM PEMMARAJU | 1 February 2015

Sulaiman Khateeb and the literary legacy Of Dakhani

The Writer of Modern Life

By VINEET GILL | 1 February 2017

Three scholars on the making of Indian literature

Crossing Paths


Histories that challenge the reductionist popular understanding of Islam in India

Troubled Waters

By fiona weber-steinhaus | 1 February 2017

Families look for their lost loved ones at a barrage in Punjab

The United States | City Watch

By KANISHK THAROOR | 1 April 2015

New York grapples with a crisis of trust in its police force

The Network Effect

By RAHUL BHATIA | 1 December 2013

Reliance and right-wing politics gain a foothold in Raghav Bahl's media empire

Inside Man

By KRISHN KAUSHIK | 1 May 2013

The convenient opinions of Attorney General Goolam Vahanvati

Must India Ravage to Rise?

By MEERA SUBRAMANIAN | 1 October 2012

Two new books offer comprehensive critiques of current patterns of development and share encouraging stories about sustainable ecological methods