Thinking Fast and Slow


Modafinil’s tightening hold over students

Trial and Error

By S COUSINS | 1 June 2018

India’s complicated history with cervical cancer

Post Mortem

By manoj singh | 1 June 2018

The UP government’s farcical investigation into the Gorakhpur tragedy

Silencing Sita

By audrey truschke | 1 June 2018

Why the Ramayana’s many voices provoke outrage

Man of Steel

By BARADWAJ RANGAN | 1 December 2013

How suffering turned a college lad into a Tamil superstar

Opening a Channel

By KARANJEET KAUR | 1 November 2014

Zee Zindagi’s line-up of Pakistani teleplays signals a changing Indian viewership

“Death is a Night Wind”

By DORIAN MERINA | 1 June 2018

How José Rizal’s immortal poem haunts the Philippines today

Setting the Table

By mayukh sen | 1 June 2018

KT Achaya’s pioneering scholarship on Indian food

On the Run

By krithika varagur | 1 June 2018

An interfaith marriage that stirred up trouble in Leh

Morocco | The Sceptre and the Pen

By ANDRÉ NAFFIS-SAHELY | 1 December 2014

A novelist writes on the country’s present trials