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Hard Labour

How midwives in Tijuana are assisting stranded Haitian women

By CLAUDIA BELLANTE | 1 April 2018

In July last year, François Andrelie had her first ultrasound examination at Salud Digna, a clinic in downtown Tijuana, Mexico, that conducts tests at popular prices. A small-built 34-year-old Haitian woman, Andrelie was in the third month of her first pregnancy at the time. When I went to visit her the next day, at a small apartment that she shares with her boyfriend and two other Haitians, she spoke of being “happy but also a bit sad.” “I live a life that I do not like,” she said. “When I was young I thought I could give everything to my son when this time came.” She would like to become a doctor, and return to Haiti, but she knows that the chances of either happening are slim.

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Claudia Bellante is an independent Italian journalist who reports on social issues in Latin America. She collaborates with several magazines across the world, including Internazionale in Italy, Rhythms Monthly in Taiwan, and Marie Claire and El País in Spain.


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