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Sweet Smell of Success

How Arindam Chaudhuri made a fortune off the aspirations—and insecurities—of India’s middle classes

By SIDDHARTHA DEB | 1 February 2011

This article had previously been removed pursuant to an injunction granted by a civil court in Silchar, in 2011, as part of IIPM’s Rs 500-million lawsuit against The Caravan. On 16 February 2018, the Delhi High Court vacated the injunction. On 26 April 2018, while hearing the IIPM’s appeal against the February order, a division bench of the court passed an ex-parte order restoring the injunction until the next hearing, which is scheduled to take place on 24 September. Pursuant to this latest order, The Caravan has once again taken down the story from its website. You can read more about IIPM’s case against The Caravan here.

Siddhartha Deb is the author of the novels The Point of Return, a New York Times Notable Book of the Year, and Surface, which was shortlisted for the Vodafone Crossword Book Award, longlisted for the International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award and named a book of the year by The Daily Telegraph. His first nonfiction book, The Beautiful And The Damned: Life In The New India, was published in June 2011 by Viking. He is currently a Radcliffe fellow at Harvard University.


126 thoughts on “Sweet Smell of Success”

This institution is complete nuts which can’t take criticism and come out clean. The full page ad with dubious claims and demeaning IIMs and UGC! and they claim defamation! now encouraged with this Silchar law suits all the restaurant with low review rankings and all the ‘flop’ movies with negative reviews would prepare to go to court for ‘defamation’!

Ranjita as a student you were conned. IIPM claimed before the Karnataka High court that it is “Dukan”( Kirana Shop) under shop and establishment act and not an educational institution. High court justice S. Abdul Nazir sought to know under which act the institution was running. Counsel for IIPM submitted before the court that it was licensed under shop and establishment act and never claimed to be an university, neither registered nor affiliated.

There should be thorough investigation by the CBI into the whole matters related to IIPM.It seems there is lot of big corporates making money in the name of providing quality education,which is completely a vicious circle.

There is a general perception that RSS was doing a great work from the last 90 years to change the society from modern age to vedic age. After going through this article , it’s really amazing how deep-rooted it is.

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